Rachio online in app but error could not connect to device

Hi I just bought the 8 zone Rachio and hooked it up last night I have an Android phone with the app and it shows the Rachio online and the WiFi light is blinking green but I can’t send it any schedules I get the error message “Could not connect to device”. I get the same error when trying to toggle the rain sensor switch. I have also tried turning on the zones and nothing happens. I disconnected the rain sensor and it still doesn’t work. Below is my wiring if that helps.

Any help is appreciated.


If you logout/login to your app this issue should be fixed.


Wow thanks for the fast reply That fixed it!!!

I have the same exact problem, and tried to logout/login, but it still had the same error. I uninstalled/reinstalled the Rachio App, and also re-started my phone. Still doesn’t work. Please help. Thank you.

Support has resolved this issue with your device, if you logout/login to the mobile app should be good to go :wink:


Wow, thank you VERY much! This is the fastest technical support response I have ever received.


@franz: I hated to bump an old thread but this is the exact issue I am having with my device. It is showing online in my Android app and the webapp but I cannot access the Rachio to save my schedule. Can you or someone else look at my Rachio? Thanks!

I just checked and everything seems to be ok on our end (device connectivity, etc.) but it does seem like any action with the device errors out.

I noticed the firmware is actually an older version that needs to get upgraded.

I also noticed that the signal strength from the router is really, really strong.

I know that we’ve had a few customers where the router is too close it doesn’t connect properly and update.

Can you try moving the Iro faceplate further away from the router and doing a power cycle to see if the firmware gets upgraded? If that doesn’t work, I will have the support team get a new unit out with newer firmware.


Last night I put it back in the garage and this morning I power cycled the unit. I was able to save a flex schedule to the device. Can you please take another look and make sure everything looks good? Is there a way for me to do the firmware update on my end or does it push automatically?

Just checked the device and everything looks great.

Please let us know if you have any other questions or feedback.

Have a great day!


I am having the same problem. My unit is online, but when I try to create a schedule, I receive a"Could not connect to device" error.

I tried logging out of the app, and logging back in, but no joy :disappointed:

I re ran the wifi setup and now the problem is solved.