Rachio office fun


Thought I’d share some fun our office had recently. We gave teams a small amount of money to re-decorate conference rooms instead of paying a lot of money to a design firm.

Themes created were the green room, the beach, the study, and the pub.

Do note that we are using a Gen 2 to pick between two different beer taps in the kegerator :wink:

Yes, that is a Wampa in the study.



WOW that is an awesome idea for the beer tap! What valve did you use to control the flow?


This is what our hardware guru used for parts:


Weird Question, re-purpose old rachio for indoor use?

Scheduled light beer in the morning, dark beer in the afternoon, nothing when it’s time to go home?

Or did you manage to use flex?


lol, we definitely need to build a schedule. Right now it’s through the manual button presses. :wink:



Other option would be a valve for everyone - and then a flow-meter :slight_smile:


We are tracking number of times one tap was chosen over the other, I think it is roughly a tie.



I have a Flex schedule setup on the coffee machine :wink: