Rachio not turning off Zones

I just got Rachio 2nd Gen. Replace my Hunter X Core, did the initial Zone test, it worked fine. After that it’s been chaos, zones won’t shut off once they come on. I have to unplug the unit to shut them off. My irrigation system is brand new, new pipes and everything. Everything was working fine until I connected the Rachio. This is very frustrating as I want to love this automated system and not have to return it. Any suggestions as to what is wrong?

@MyNameIsEj - first guess is DC. Either DC solenoids or a DC transformer instead of the Rachio transfomer (this usually happens in non US locations as Rachio transformer is 120 V and many people grab a local 220 V transformer that outputs 24 V DC instead of AC).

Where are you located (e.g. in the US or outside of the US)? Are you using the Rachio supplied transformer?

Can you find a solenoid in a valve cover and provide the make and model?

By transformer are you talking about the power adaptor? The adapter that came with the Rachio was not working so I did use a different one. Also the new issue is zones are now powering on in their own. My neighbor just texted me and said one has been on for about an hour. This thing is going a bit crazy. I may just need to return it and go back to the Hunter Xcore. Disappointing as I am a huge automation fan.

The required power adapter output is 24 VAC at 1000 mA. A DC adapter will not work properly.

If your unit was shipped with a defective adapter, contact support and get it replaced.

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Thanks Stewart appreciate your help. I’ll let you know how I get this resolved. Btw, I actually thought about getting the Rachio 3 (light-The grey one). Is there a big difference between that one and the 2nd gen?