Rachio not operating zones

Hi. Brand-new Rachio owner here. To preface, I know next-to-nothing about water systems. I have a Rachio 2 and it’s not communicating with the zones. I only have two zones. When I test zone 1, the sprinklers turn on but then turn off after a few seconds. When I test zone 2, the sprinklers turn on but then don’t turn off and the Rachio app doesn’t show the zone to be active. I have to turn the water off to the sprinkler system to turn the sprinklers off. I re-installed my old sprinkler controller and everything works fine. Not sure what the issue is. Thinking I just have a faulty Rachio. Any assistance? Photos linked to see how my system is set up. Thanks.
*I moved the zones in the Rachio as to test if zones 1 and 2 on the Rachio were bad.