Rachio logs flooding in smartthings

Hi everyone. Today I installed 16 zone gen 2 and everything seems to working fine except that smartthings activity logs is full with messages like ‘zone 1 slope null’. I mean there are hundreds of those in a matter of few hours. Within Rachio app I have setup slope for all zone but smartthings is not reading this entry. I would like to know if anyone else is seeing the same issue for their Rachio device in smartthings apps. I will also contact smartthings support and report this bug. I am not sure if the problem is on the Rachio side or smartthings?

@ghanchi Sorry to hear you are having issues with you SmartThings integration! Have you heard back from SmartThings support? Are you still seeing this behavior?

No I haven’t. I have asked them the same question on their community support site. I am still seeing the issue. activity feed is full with messages like ‘Slope is null’. I have 7 zones, so one message is adding to the activity feed for each zone every 10 minutes.

An another user on smartthings community site is reporting the same error. He noticed the error after upgrading Rachio app to 3.0. Hopefully it will get fixed in the next version. How do I report this to the Rachio app dev team?