Rachio is up and responding, but zones aren't triggering?

Just received the Rachio has a gift, and for a test, I’ve set it up just with my front lawn (2 zones and 1 common). Really simple setup (picture of old timer attached). The Rachio setup was pretty easy; during the setup, the only oddity was that when flashing it into my home wifi, it failed 3 times, but on the 3rd time it failed saying ‘device already registered’. Restarting the app showed the device was registered and online.

My first test was to simply choose the zones and run a manual test, and while the command can get issued, it doesn’t seem to successfully issue. According to the doc, the Rachio should light up blue for ‘status’ if it is watering, and it’s not. So that leads me to believe it knows it can’t reach the sprinklers. Any advice ? I’ve confirmed it isn’t an issue with wiring, as I’ve re-hooked up the old timer and it’s working fine again.

Hey Andrew-
So I looked into some of the logs from your device and there’s definitely something strange going on. Two questions for you: First of all, did you wire the rain sensor that’s in that photo to your controller? If so, do you mind sending a picture of the wiring? Another idea is disable your firewall if you haven’t already. Let me know!
McKynzee :rachio:

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