Rachio iOS App Slowness (Ver 3.0)

Hello, I am a recent Rachio customer. I am using the Rachio 3.0 app on my iPhone 6s Plus. This is very slow when loading. It takes 30 seconds to load. Shows “Updating devices…” when it starts and then takes 30- 35 seconds to load the home. Anyone else facing the same problem?

I have a 6s and don’t have any problems running the app. I also backup my phone and do a factory reset and reinstall from backup every now and then to keep the phone from getting bogged down.


I would recommend deleting the app and re-downloading it as this can often fix any issues with app slowness. Otherwise its important to monitor if other apps are slow also as this could be a overall phone performance issue if not just the app.



Hi, thanks. It seems to be resolved now after deleting and reinstalling. Thanks.

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I’ve been experiencing similar problem with the forums. I do not anticipate that issue is identical, as community forums are completely separate from the app, but logging out and back in seems to have fixed it.

Long story short, try logging out and back in to see if it solves the issues in a similar way reinstall would.