Rachio iOS app requesting credentials repeatedly

I have noticed since the last update that the app on my iOS device frequently asks me to login. Previously, once I logged in, it would stay logged in until the next device restart. Has so something changed or am I having a senior moment? :wink:

@SteinyD‌ Think we might have found the issue, will have a fix in 1.6.

Some folks have reported that resetting their settings cleared up the problem for them. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings.

@matt‌ - that isn’t practical. I don’t want to reset my settings for all my apps.

@SteinyD‌ I understand this isn’t practical but should fix the logout issues until 1.6 is out. If you can wait until then the reset is not necessary. Thanks!

I had same problem after update. I changed the password so it would update the key chain and it seems to be working now without asking for log-in credentials. Will keep an eye on it but was definitely a change after the update.

Do you guys have a ballpark ETA for v1.6?

@ted_chappell‌ We are targeting submission to the app store this week, so the app will more than likely be available for download sometime next week.

Any update on when this will hit ?

@mwhaley99‌ Wrapping up testing today and should be submitting today or tomorrow to the app store. PM me (franz@rach.io) if you want early access to beta test the logout fix. Thanks!