Rachio going offline - Gen2

I have a generation2_8zone Rachio with firmware iro2-firmware-5-115. Never had this issue last year, but this year the device goes offline constantly and doesn’t report accurately since it’s going offline during watering cycles. I have seen other threads about this same gen model, and the solution was to update the firmware, but the firmware I have is the one mentioned in the thread. Are other people still having these offline issues with the newer firmware? Can anyone shed some light on my issue?

I had the engineering team review and the controller definitely looks like it is thrashing, reconnecting once per minute.

Has anything new in your network changed? Range extender, etc? Also, does your router have the latest firmware?


Thank you for the quick response. Nothing had changed on my network. It is connected to my guest/iot network as it has always been. I have other devices using this same network without any issues. (thermostat, TV’s, garage door opener, etc). This network is using open dns for dns requests. Also, I have checked my router and the rachio is never disconnecting from the network, simply losing connection to the rachio server. Regarding router updates, I will have to look. I’m usually pretty conservative when it comes to router updates and like to wait a while before running any updates on my router. But I will look to see. Any other suggestions?


You can try this out which will allow our team to see if there is anything that looks problematic with your network.


It appears to be fixed after I simply power cycled the device (are rachio’s made by Microsoft? just kidding). All lights on the unit are now solid and my morning schedule ran without any hints of being offline.

I have the same issue. Gen2 controller with 5-119 firmware. After resetting the wifi and reconnecting to my controller, it stays connected for maybe a day, then goes offline again. Has been happening for months and started once I set up a new Router from Xfinity. Never had any issue before that. Any help would be appreciated.