Rachio Generation 2 in Phoenix, AZ

Hi All,

I am new to the Rachio community and just installed a 6 station generation 2 unit at my Phoenix metropolitan area home. During the summer months, I perform a deep watering once per week on my xeriscape plants.

Phoenix is odd in that it can rain in one community and across the street receive no rain at all. So use of the on-line weather stations to adjust watering schedule is impractical. What I would like to do is install a weather station of some sort to monitor rainfall at my home.

The rain sensors I have come across determine if there was a rain event and, if watering is scheduled at the time of the rain event the Rachio unit will not water. But what happens if I get one of those monsoon rains a couple of days before the scheduled watering at my home (frequently I can expect the on-line weather station will NOT pick up the event)? Most likely a rain sensor will have dried out and the scheduled watering will occur.

So what I am seeking is something of cumulative rain monitor to determine the total rainfall prior to a scheduled watering. If a set quantity of rain during the period before the scheduled watering is met, send a signal to the Rachio not to water. If there is less than that quantity, go ahead a water. After the scheduled watering period ends, reset the cumulative rain monitor.

Where do I find cumulative rain monitor and is it compatible with Rachio.

Donald Barar

Do a search for weather stations on the forum. There has been lots of talk about them.

Your situation is a concern for others too.

Hi All,

Did a review of PWS on this forum. The only possibility is a rain gauge distributed by Netmo. Reviewed device on Netmo’s website but the information was limited and I am uncertain if/how it interfaces with Rachio and if it solves the question I posed.

Does anyone have experience with Netmo? If yes, will it solve the question I posed in the original post?

Don Barar