Rachio Gen2 Install

Hello All,

I’m looking to install my rachio 2nd gen this weekend but I’m not completely sure of the wiring. Specifically on the second link below. Are those wires not applicable on rachio?

@astitt - I don’t think any of the wires in the second picture will be used on the Rachio installation.

Not sure what the loose wires (red and white) are used for. I’m assuming they power a remote control like with the blue wire going into the REM terminal. The black sheathed cable appears to be the power supply a green ground wire and two black wires going to the AC1 and AC2 ports - which the Rachio transformer and plug will replace.


Cool! Thank you for your reply. It sounds like I should just solely focus on the first set of wires and most likely cap off the others?

@astitt - I’d follow the power leads back and unplug the transformer so you won’t have that vampire sucking electricity all the time (not much, but every penny matters and a penny saved is a penny earned!). And if the other wires go to a vendor specific remote link device, then that could be deinstalled too.

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I wired it up and my sprinklers will not turn on now. They did with the Hunter controller.

Below is my current setup, does this look right?

@astitt - The Rachio wiring looks correct. The first Hunter picture doesn’t show the P/MV terminal, but I’m assuming the black wire was in that terminal. Is the master valve option turned on in the Rachio app?

If you go to a zone valve and open the bleed valve does it water when the system is activated (i.e. the master valve is open, pressurizing the supply line)?

Was the test done with the Hunter right before switching out to the Rachio or at the end of last year’s watering season?

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The P/MV terminal is in the first image right above COM.

Let me look in the app to see how to turn that on. I will try that tonight.

The test was done last week and all zones worked then with no issue.

The Master Valve option was off in the app! Let me see if it works now.

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Awesome! It worked! Gracias!