Rachio gen2 goes offline almost daily

The controller won’t stay online more than a day or so. I open the app and see it is offline. I have been resetting the wifi every time, but same issue in a day or two. Seems like this all started when Comcast sent me a new router last year. I opened the Xfi app and it shows the controller is connected to one of the pods, but the Rachio app says it is offline. Seen some mention of a new firmware version needed (630?). Please help.

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I have been having the same issue. I even put an xFi pod in my garage just to get a direct signal. Will work for a couple of days, then goes offline again. Like you, the xFi app shows it is connected. I hope you get an answer soon.

When it’s failing:

What do the indicator lights show?

Can you ping it from your PC?

When you open its IP address in a browser, do you see the expected File / not_found error? If not, what error do you get?

When you visit https://app.rach.io from your PC, what status is shown for the controller?

Strangely enough, I moved a large rolling metal toolbox that was sitting under the controller, but not blocking it, and it has not gone offline for more than a week now. I can’t say for sure this is related, but sure seems to be a strange coincidence.

It must have been in the way of the signal.

A useful feature would be to show signal strength. My weather station has had this feature for years:


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Well, I spoke too soon. After staying connected for about a month, suddenly the controller is going offline again every day or two. This is maddening! I have not made any changes to the area around the controller, or to my wifi set up. The controller just has a mind of its own and takes a vacation whenever it feels like it.