Rachio Gen2 Flex Daily zone settings?

I am in the PNW and have cool season grass. My back lawn is on constant sun. Today I did a water test to see how much water is getting on the ground and with my rotary sprinkler heads I am just getting 1/4" for 50 min. of operation. I’m currently using the flex daily. Should I just increase the zone time to get more water or is there something else I’m missing that I need to look at?

Back Lawn
Cool season grass
Sandy loam

@Fireguy76 - I also have cool season grass with sandy loam and rotors sprinklers heads in your case ill increase AWC to 15 and the crop coefficient to 86 Star with one or two zones first with flex daily front and back yard try it for a couple of weeks and if you like it apply it to the rest also leave the others zones on a fixed schedule.

Ok by making those adjustments this is what my current times look like… does this look right for flex daily?

Start with front and back first with flex daily do you know what is the nozzle inches per hour ??

Well the water test I just did for 50 minutes was about 0.25"…

Ok great can you post a picture of the advanced setting to peak at ?

Ok everything looks good @Fireguy76 - it’s recommended to start with one or two zones with flex daily schedule and leave the rest of the zones on a fixed schedule try flex daily for couples of weeks and if you like it roll over to the rest.

Ok I’ve been doing the flex daily for everything the past few months and seemed to work well other than this back lawn. I will make the switch.

Thank you @Anthony

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@Fireguy76 IMHO .5 inches/hr precip rate seems low for nozzles that are watering grass. I typically wouldn’t water over 50 minutes any grass zones in general. My recommendation is to double the nozzle to 1 inch per hour which should cut your time in half. I’d start there and watch your zone(s) for a week or so and see if you need to adjust watering duration (+/-). Others might not agree but 2 hours of watering for grass (especially cool season grass with shorter roots) seems way out of line. Just curious what your previous grass durations were?


Ok, I’ve been watering at the 50 min. mark and noticed some dry spots so I did a water test and the results were .25" off water in that timeframe.

@Fireguy76 Do you know what was your previous watering frequency?


I’ve been using the flex daily…

Interesting, did you do a catch cup test? Maybe they are really putting out that low of a rate. Your watering frequency looks decent, maybe even a little aggressive since you have chosen sandy loam which assumes the soil available water capacity is a lot lower than normal loam.

I wonder if anyone else has ideas how to make that pop back. I’m assuming your coverage is decent and the zones are watering each section evenly…


I did the catch cup today and the results were 0.25" over 50 minutes. I placed the cup in the middle of the dry area as well.

Ok, well I guess the data doesn’t lie. :wink: Maybe the higher durations will help. I’d definitely keep an eye on those zones and see how they are behaving.


@franz, Hunter MP Rotators put down about .45"/hr in ideal conditions…and they are a pretty popular nozzle.

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I’m definitely not the “hardware” guy so usually have no clue what I’m talking about :smile:



I have the Hunter PGJ rotor nozzles.