Rachio Gen2 can't see my wifi network

Just got the gen2 irrigation controller. When I use the app and get to the choose a wifi network to connect to, my network isn’t found. I have verizon fios with the actiontec mi424wr (which it seems is 2.4GHz). My phone gets a strong signal from the network at the same location as the controller. It does see some neighbor’s wifis but not mine.

Any ideas?


Are you using iOS or Android? Are you sure the network is a dedicated 2.4GHz?


was using android and it couldn’t find the network. switched to using my wife’s iphone and it found it right away. is there an issue with the android app and initial wifi setup?

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The android app filters networks that have open or WEP security. Is your network using one of those?
We don’t recommend using networks with those types of security but it’s possible you can see them in iOS because a large part of the wifi setup is done outside of the app by iOS itself so we don’t have the ability to filter them.


When I set up my Rachio it didn’t show a router that didn’t have a wifi password. I’m out in the country and the router in the house didn’t have any password wifi setup but my router on the roof for when I’m out on the property did have a password. Only the router with a password showed up in my list and I was told by support you had to have a wifi password for it to show up in the list.