Rachio Gen. 3 Stuck in Boot Error State

I have a brand new Rachio Gen. 3 that seems to be stuck in the Boot Error state. The first quadrant light blinks white 10 times followed by one red blink. This has been this way since I first plugged it in. I tried all recommendations online and I submitted a support request on May 14th and I have not heard anything back from Rachio support. Is there anyone that can help?

I bought my unit from Costco, it is the 12 zone unit.

Please help.

Ill followup with our support team!


This is my ticket # 770641

@franz I still have not received any feedback.

What did they do to resolve? I am having the same issue.

Same issue. Any resolutions out there

Same issue. Also, I’m letting the tech know that installed it that he should check out this forum so he doesn’t recommend these units anymore. I’ve had this thing for a few days and it bricked from the power being unplugged? I’ve factory reset it.I attempted to discharge with the play button. Nothing has worked. Ive also read people are on several replacement units. This is concerning enough to replace the unit with something more reliable.