Rachio Gen 2 Replace RainBird - No Water

Removed old rain bird - re-used wires.
Something notable - the rainbird wiring had one collection of wires with MV and all zones that went in to the wall, and another group (the 24V, Ground and Com) connected to the adapter that plugs in to the wall.

Now the Rachio says it doesn’t need the 24V and Ground (you will see that old Green ground and red wires dangling in new Rachio photos). But i still have the old Com wire (dark blue) connected to that adapter (which is now dangling below in the last picture, not plugged in to anything).

Am I missing something not being able to plug in the old Adapter - see the last picture where the adapter is not plugged in? Otherwise, the wires for the Rachio, using MV, 5 zones are all seemingly in place with no issues. I just don’t know if the dark blue Com wire is doing anything, since it’s from the old AC plug dangling.

Bottom-line, advancing zones manually yields no action. Note: There is no issue with water - the old unit was watering fine last night, we just wanted to change to the Rachio for obvious reasons.

Prospective on the old photos is deceiving. You don’t actually have a Master valve connected.
It is helpful to count the terminals from the right, master valve is the 9th terminal from the right and it is unused as can be seen.

Blue wire of the old controller (currently hooked up to Commons) is the second wire of the 24V hookup, Simply disconnect it and you will be able to gently pull the old supply block out, if you choose to do so.

The white wire is your commons, be sure to move it from the M terminal to one of your two C terminals, the system should start working after you make this change.

Welcome to the community :wink: Congrats on the upgrade.


Gene, thank you so much. That did it!!!