Rachio Gen 2 randomly goes offline

Another update!

I’ve done some more testing and my controller doesn’t have any problems with that router, given that it is on the latest firmware. So you should be able to revert the controller back to the normal network and shelve the guest network if you want.

Thanks for your patience and creativity with solving the problem!


Are you saying that my controller has the latest firmware? As it downloaded it today?

@MikeyUSC Yes, the Rachio firmware update worked fine once you created the new network.

With the latest Rachio firmware we seem to be doing fine on your router without a guest network.

If you want you can try reverting back to network you were on previously.


How did you (MikeyUSC) assign to the Rachio a LAN static IP address?

I’d like to do the same and get my Rachio (generation 2) off of DHCP.

Thank you.

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I had NetGear support help me. There is a web-app for NetGear that I used to set the IP address to static IP. Hard to explain how on here.

Thank you. It’s not clear to me that the Rachio can be configured as LAN static IP.

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I think what @MikeyUSC might be referring to is called NetGear Genie-a dashboard to easily view and change router settings. Desktop and mobile app.

I wouldn’t worry about moving it to a static ip.

If it’s a firewall concer, either write to rule on the Mac or configure your dhcp server to assign the same ip to a specific mac