Rachio Gen 1 Power Cycling every hour

Hello, my Rachio Gen 1 cycles power every hour at exactly the same minutes past the hour. If this coincides with a schedule, the schedule stops. I have powered off/on, but it still does this. Any ideas?

I don’t have an answer for you, but I also have a Gen1 and mine power cycles randomly all throughout the day. It only found out about it because I was tinkering with the app. It’s been happening for at least two weeks. I submitted two tickets about this already and haven’t gotten any response

I had the same issue, and opened a ticket with support. I had switched to a new wi-fi router that used 2.4G + 5G dual speed. It was in a different location. They had me test by moving the face plate to another location, and the problem went away. I plugged in an old 2.4G wifi extender, and reconnected my Rachio to it’s SSID, and it works ok now.

Thanks…reset it’s wifi and seems to be working now

@benagb, did you blink up your Rachio, or did you reset your wi-fi router?

I actually “Removed Controller” from the app and started from scratch again which also meant setting up all zones again. I powered down rachio also and then did the blink up to reconnect to wifi.

Seems to be working well again