Rachio & drip irrigation settings

I just got my Rachio 3 8 port unit today and started my setup, but have some questions on configuration. Port 1 is for my Muskidine grapes, 6 plants with 2 0.5 gallon per hour so that’s 12 gallons per hour for the 6 plants. Ports 2-5 are for my 4 raised beds (4’ X 8’ X 18") , 1 port per bed, however they are still being built so I don’t know total dipper count (all for veggie garden). Ports 6-8 are for my fruit trees 1 port per 2 trees, 2 2 gallon per hour drippers per tree.
I do have a rain sensor installed, but plan on using the daily flex schedule. What I am asking for is recommendations on settings, especially in the advanced section.
Thank you in advance.

Check out this post and the linked spreadsheet to help decide how to set up your drip system (calculate precipitation rates in inches/hour etc)