Rachio, Do Some Television Advertising


I see commercials over and over for things like the Ring doorbell and Ring Floodlight. Have you considered doing something with Home Depot to advertise? Home Depot certainly needs training on Rachio, by the way. The irrigation distributors just push Rain Bird and Hunter. Cannot count on them. :grin:


@robertokc We actually have started doing some TV ads in Denver and CA! Let me see if I can get a version of the commercial to post here…

Also, as for the Home Depot training, we are definitely working on educating more people in the stores! This summer we have had Rachio employees in store almost every weekend sitting in the irrigation aisle and selling to unsuspecting victims :joy: I try to grab whatever associates work in irrigation whenever I’m in store to grab things and educate them a bit on the product. We could use to start expanding this effort, because I think it has really helped!

The distributors are a whole different story, that’s a hard nut to crack. It’s a struggle getting in with irrigation professionals in general sometimes. Are you on LawnSite @robertokc? We got this nice little bump from a pro, nice to see that we are starting to break into that space more and more.


FWIW, a few weeks ago I was at Ewing here in Chandler, AZ. Both guys behind the desk had Rachio hats on. They had and endcap with Rachio controllers right by the front desk. Although those were good signs I told the guy I was working with how much I loved the controller and how much water it has saved me. He just kept checking me out like he didn’t even hear what I said, or more likely didn’t care. :wink:


This just broke my heart a little.


Fear not, I think I could’ve said just about anything and he would have reacted the same. It was one of those ‘customers aren’t my thing’ sort of checkouts.


Commercial incoming:

Rachio "Hey Neighbor" full-length from Near Future on Vimeo.

Thoughts? Curious what everyone thinks :slight_smile:


Maybe the heat had gotten to him! Makes people grumpy. He probably wasn’t properly hydrated.:sweat_smile:


LOL! Great commercial! Gets the important points across with a bit of humor to make it memorable.

Hee, hee, doesn’t every neighborhood have one of “those” neighbors?:wink:


No, i am not on Lawn Site. I am very glad you are doing some tv advertising. I watched the ad and really liked it. Maybe you can advertise in more markets. Water prices are going up nearly everywhere and I think water bills are getting people’s attention. Maybe you can advertise in Oklahoma City!


Distributors like the one you mention are nothing more than order takers. I called a distributor here the other day and asked if they carried Toro Precision nozzles with pressure regulation. They did not know what I was talking about and did not even want to look it up. Sad the way young people are today. So lazy.


Nice commercial, and actually the first time I have heard the name pronounced! I always thought it was Raaahhcheeo. Probably my Italian heritage. Hearing Ratcheeo sounded weird!


Same here! Love the commercial @mckynzee and @franz !


I was hoping that the neighbour was going to get irrigated :joy:
See if the marketing guys like this slogan - cloud-based irrigation that you can control!


See that’s an ending to the commercial I could get behind :joy: