Rachio died?

Got email and phone notifications my Rachio has stopped responding. I went out there and sure enough the light is off. Unplugged and replugged in and nothin really happens. How can I troubleshoot from here or should I be in return/exchange mode?

@Kohlerbn - have you checked that the electrical plug the Rachio is plugged into still has power (e.g. tripped circuit breaker)? What version do you have Gen 2 or Gen 1? And, if Gen 2, you’re saying that not even the first light at the bottom of the logo is lighting up?

@Kohlerbn if you are certain the outlet your controller is plugged into is receiving power, I would recommend you contact support at support@rachio.com, and they will get you sorted out quickly!

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I’m not certain that specific outlet works but I know the breaker isn’t tripped because other lights on the same circuit work. Gen 2 ( I just got it and installed in last two months). No light on the logo is coming on. :frowning:

@Kohlerbn - one suggestion is to take a small lamp (that is known working good, with a known good bulb) and plug it in where the Rachio is/was plugged in. If the lamp lights and the Rachio doesn’t light up when plugged back into the same plug, then follow @mckynzee 's post of emailing support@rachio.com. Any lighting storms or power failures recently?

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Ha! It was a GFI outlet and sure enough no power. Thanks!


@Kohlerbn - that’ll do it 9 out of 10 times! Glad it was an easy fix and inexpensive fix.