Rachio didn't run schedule?

Been using Rachio for over a year. On March 25th I made an edit to the schedule via the online page and while it looks like the new schedule “took”, when I look in watering history the last time Rachio ran was April 3rd. While we have had some rain skip days. yesterday it shouldn’t have skipped the day. Is there a way to check why Rachio skipped, but yet indicated it wasn’t going to skip?

BTW when I manually run the stations with my iphone app they run, so I don’t think the stations themselves are the problem.

On the off chance that I did this to myself, I just added a Amazon Echo/Alexa which has the ability to hook into Rachio. Does the voice command link override the schedule?

If a schedule is running and you perform a command through Alexa it will stop all current watering and run the zone that you requested, essentially killing the current schedule.

Let us know if you see this issue again, we have not had any other reports of a scheduled schedule not running. Will be glad to do more research if you notice this again.

Hope this helps.