Rachio Controller Unable to Connect to Cloud

I just moved in to a house with a Rachio and I’m trying to get it set up. I did a factory reset and can get it to connect to my wifi but it’s getting stuck at connecting to the cloud. I added port forwarding for ports 53, 123 and 8883 and even went so far as to set the Rachio as the default DMZ server in my router to rule out any firewall issues. This was done based on some other support requests I saw in this forum. I also noticed someone pointing out that https://mqtt.rach.io/ has an invalid cert. I confirmed that is indeed the case. Could that be why my Rachio is not connecting?

@Brushwood - welcome to the community. As the Rachio was previously registered to someone else I think you may need to contact Rachio support to have them reset something in the back end. Which Rachio do you have Gen 1 or Gen 2?

Networking can be fun, you shouldn’t have to set Rachio up a a DMZ or add any port forwarding - those may cause problems down the road for the network.

What is the WiFi setup - eero, extender, etc. Also, if there is both the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands are they named differently?

How strong is the WiFi signal where the Rachio is located?

Run the RouteThis app Rachio provides and send that in if you contact their support for help and they do have some good networking help.

Don’t port forward the Iro2. The Iro2 does not have an internet server in it. The Iro2 only knows to communicate back and forth to the Rachio cloud server.

At your local PC/Mac/phone it is exclusively communicating with the Rachio cloud server.

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