Rachio controller lost pressure mid manual cycle and now does not start manual cycles


I have had the Gen 2 rachio for 6m with no problems. But today I was trough mid watering cycle and the pressure was lost in the sprinklers. Now the manual cycle does not want to start in the app


Hi @HomePimiento-

Looking into your device logs, it looks like your controller fell offline. Do you mind telling me what light code is displaying on your controller? You can reference this support article for more details on that. Let me know and we can start troubleshooting!

McKynzee :rachio:


@HomePimiento, looks like you controller is still offline. Have you had a chance to check the light codes on your controller yet?


I nowis not turning on. The power seems to be on but the light does not turn on


Hi @HomePimiento-

Looks like you are running into some deeper issues. If you would contact support at support@rachio.com and reference this ticket they should be able to resolve your issue quickly!

McKynzee :rachio:


I found the outdoor adpater cable to have come off. So i fixed it


@HomePimiento, thanks for the update. Just curious, did come unplugged from the outlet? Curious to better understand how the power adaptor fits your outlet? Perhaps you could share a photo?


The plastic housing white cable came loose from the white cable of the wall conected cable


So i plugged the power soute direclty to the outlet and had power. So I knew it was a problem in the plastic outdoor case


Already fix it so I have no picture. The cable from the power source comes into the outdoor rachio case and the cables are put together and secured with a wire nut. the cable came of the wire nut.


@HomePimiento, ah that makes sense. Thanks for clarifying!