RachIo Connectivity Issues

Is your system down. Wifi is working and no outages, but app is hung and says zone 5 is watering. Cannot get this product to work today.

If the mobile app state is out of sync with the controller you can always pull to refresh if you are using iOS or Android. This usually will set the correct status on the mobile app. If the controller and mobile app are still out of sync power cycling the controller will always fix the issue. If this persists just let us know and we can have support do some research for you.

If there are ever known connectivity issues (which are extremely rare) we will broadcast them on this forum and our support site.


As an old IT person, I agree with @franz. I would start by doing a power recycle on the device itself and see if that fixes things. I’ve had to do it only once since I’ve had my controller – don’t even remember now what the issue was, but it fixed everything then for me.

We used to say that computers got hiccups sometimes, or that it’s little brain just went temporarily wacky. And they were always the worst problems to diagnose, because you could almost never recreate them. Try the old unplug the device, wait 10-15 seconds, and plug it back in. Hopefully it will work correctly again.

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Problem resolved. I reset my router.