Rachio Community is Getting a Face Lift! 🙌

Hey @azdavidr,

If you’re like me and prefer the Latest view as your default view, you can change your landing page from your Account Preferences:

  1. Click your profile picture on the right side of the screen
  2. Click the gear icon to access Preferences
  3. Select ‘Interface’ in left sidebar
  4. Change Default Home Page to Latest
  5. Save Changes :slight_smile:

Perfect, thanks @mitchell!

Thanks @mitchell, no idea that was an option!


@mitchell to the rescue!!!

@azdavidr that would change if we changed our layout too. We’ll keep you posted on that decision :slight_smile:

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Oh thank goodness for that!

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Excellent. Please consider going to black text on the white background, or better yet white text on black or very dark grey background. This grey on white fad is killer for people with less than perfect over 18 yo eyes.

Hey @7Natives thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: I don’t think I ever noticed that the text color is grey - it’s showing up as black for me. Would you mind sharing a screenshot?


So the majority definitely preferred that we move “Latest” to the left side and “Categories” to the right - thanks a ton for voting :slight_smile:

I’m learning that unfortunately, that doesn’t look like an option for us to do on our end to make it universal (still looking, but no luck so far). What you can do instead is what @mitchell suggested here:

Feel free to keep on sending feedback on the new updates. More fun to come :slight_smile:

-Lo :rachio:

Quick question, friends!

Would you be interested in location groups within the community?
You could join a group of people also from your area to chat about specific irrigation questions (either publicly by tagging the whole group or privately via message).

  • Heck yeah :slight_smile:
  • No way :frowning:

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-Lo :rachio: