Rachio can’t talk to our servers

Spent several hours last night trying to trouble shoot a new install without any luck.

Rachio 3
2.4Ghz wpa2 WiFi network
Power cycled Comcast modem/router
Reset rachio
Power cycled rachio
Just gets stuck at 3rd light and get error can’t connect to server
Using iPhone 7 iOS 12

Support ticket opened. Pls help!

@Bem93080 - download the RouteThis app and run it so you can supply Rachio support with the code it generates that documents the network it is running on. The code to run RouteThis is RACH.

Any firewall rules or DNS referrals?

@mckynzee @laura.bauman - heads up so one of y’all can associate the trouble ticket to this community post.


Thanks for the heads up @DLane :slight_smile:

i don’t believe there are any firewall or DNS rules. will be going home in a few hours to double check & continue trouble shooting with RouteThis. thanks for the reply.

also i just update ios to 12.0.1

I checked my firewall settings and it was set to strict. Made some changes and I’m up and running now! Thanks


Wahoo! So great to hear! Going to make a note of this in your support ticket - our team will likely follow up just to be sure everything is still working correctly :slight_smile:

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