Rachio Bypassing Dealer/Installers

We started recently started Selling/Installing/Servicing Rachio systems.

Very positive results, and I would credit a combination of quality product, with a quality installation and training and support that we provide as the Dealer.

Just today I received an email about a $30 promo (directly through Rachio’s website) that would bypass the dealer who recommended the product, and directly competes with the dealer for the referral cutting them out of the sale.


Thank you for being a trusted installer! Our intention with the referral program was not to cut anyone out or bypass referrals for the installer. I agree with you that we have had a very positive experience with our community in part because of the product but also due to the excellent support provided by installers like yourself.

We love feedback because it allows us to evolve and become a better business. Therefore, we are going to re-evaluate referrals programs and develop one that encompasses everyone.

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention!


My dealer (Central Irrigation) told me the other day that they are not able to sell the 8 zone gen 2 clocks. I can only get the 12 zone from them at a higher price than last year.