Rachio automatic scheduling seems off

I live in Southern California (zip code 92620) and I have a very small (maybe 300 sqft), 2 zone backyard with a mixture of shrubs and gardening plants - Japanese Privet, pittosporum, citrus, tomatoes and some herbs. They get an average amount of sun, maybe 6 hours a day (there’s some shade from nearby wall, houses, etc). Standard sprinkler system.

Since I’m not an expert on gardening, I decided to keep it simple and just select the Flex monthly plan. However, Rachio comes up with quite an odd schedule: a total watering time of 54 minutes, roughly every 6 days. I’m wondering if this is a “healthy” watering schedule, and if it wouldn’t have been preferable to water less and more often?

Would love to get your thoughts / tips.

Not flex monthly, but this explains some of the fundamental concepts the software was written against (deep, infrequent watering promotes healthier roots).


Thanks. Would you recommend that I keep the flex monthly then?

I’d give that a shot and see how it performs. You can also take one zone out and put it into flex daily and try a comparison to see which schedule type you prefer.


I set up schedule with 6 active zones. I accidentally disabled 1 zone and cannot un-disable. How do I activate this zone again? Do I have to delete entire schedule and completely re-do one zone at a time?

If you accidentally disabled a zone:
On the Zones tab, in the upper right-hand corner, select Show Disabled.
Then, select the disabled zone and enable it.

If you accidentally took a zone out of a schedule, select the schedule, select Zones, click the desired zone.

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Thank you Stewart so much. Got the zone back to active. It was too late to call help line so thanks again.