Rachio automatic scheduling seems off

I live in Southern California (zip code 92620) and I have a very small (maybe 300 sqft), 2 zone backyard with a mixture of shrubs and gardening plants - Japanese Privet, pittosporum, citrus, tomatoes and some herbs. They get an average amount of sun, maybe 6 hours a day (there’s some shade from nearby wall, houses, etc). Standard sprinkler system.

Since I’m not an expert on gardening, I decided to keep it simple and just select the Flex monthly plan. However, Rachio comes up with quite an odd schedule: a total watering time of 54 minutes, roughly every 6 days. I’m wondering if this is a “healthy” watering schedule, and if it wouldn’t have been preferable to water less and more often?

Would love to get your thoughts / tips.

Not flex monthly, but this explains some of the fundamental concepts the software was written against (deep, infrequent watering promotes healthier roots).


Thanks. Would you recommend that I keep the flex monthly then?

I’d give that a shot and see how it performs. You can also take one zone out and put it into flex daily and try a comparison to see which schedule type you prefer.


I set up schedule with 6 active zones. I accidentally disabled 1 zone and cannot un-disable. How do I activate this zone again? Do I have to delete entire schedule and completely re-do one zone at a time?

If you accidentally disabled a zone:
On the Zones tab, in the upper right-hand corner, select Show Disabled.
Then, select the disabled zone and enable it.

If you accidentally took a zone out of a schedule, select the schedule, select Zones, click the desired zone.

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Thank you Stewart so much. Got the zone back to active. It was too late to call help line so thanks again.

Hey franz,

Any chance you could help me with the advanced zone set up so I can switch to flex daily?
What information do you need?