Rachio App

Is there any energy being devoted to an iPad app?

I am replying on an iPad :grinning:

I think it is the phone app expanded, but being retired and old I prefer the larger version.

Yes, that’s correct. I’m asking about a native iPad app as oppose to the iPhone app.

My guess is that a native iPad app is relatively low priority. The standard web app, app.rach.io, works quite well on the iPad and I suspect that’s what most iPad users are using. I mostly use the web app for serious configuring and only use the iPhone app when I’m wanting to do manual runs out on my property in areas where I have cell coverage (not a lot, I’m afraid). The few times I’ve wanted to use an iPad, the web app did all I needed.



A native iPad app is a request that is in our backlog, but it is fairly low priority. Like @shcaine mentioned, our web app is designed to work well on mobile phones and tablets, and I think this is the best option when using the iPad!

I’m glad I asked the question! Great responses from everyone and keep that request at the bottom of the priority list! Thank you!

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