Rachio App Thinks it is REALLY HOT in Texas

A screenshot of the app in Android showing the current conditions.
Wow, it is really hot today. (and no i did not photoshop that)

Other than that one oddity, I love the IRO.
I have owned the IRO for about 2 weeks, and my sprinklers have not gone off once. Which is WAD since it has been raining every day here.


Howdy @TexasTea!

I always heard Texas was hot, but 9999 is a deal breaker for me! I sure hope the Iro waters tomorrow with temps like that :wink:

Looks like you’re probably pulling weather from a Personal Weather Station (PWS) and it’s misreporting a few degrees. If you haven’t already, I’d recommend disabling the PWS toggle from the Advanced menu within your Iro Settings (right menu, accessible by tapping the three dots). If you need help, please ask here or email our support team [support@rachio.com].

Glad to hear you’re loving your Iro :blush: Thanks for reporting this to us. We try our best to screen out bad PWS feeds, but a few sneak past us.

Best, Emil