Rachio App shows weather station wrong?

Hey just wondering why when you look for my weather station Rachio displays it as 36km away from the location on the map? Then when you add it it shows it at my home. The coordinates are exactly the same and correct for where my home is.

Perhaps one screen calculates distance based on your device location (with you) and the other based on your registered Rachio location. Shouldn’t impact anything, if this is the case.

Unless you’ve moved your station recently (in which case it’d be clear why it’s showing your old address), it looks like some sort of weird rounding error to me.
Latitude of the station as shown after the selection appears visually to be roughly 54.5 degrees North. This would be a good question for the team working with @franz.

As @Kubisuro mentioned, the location shown is not likely effect anything in a negative way. It’s odd, but as long as you could select it, it will do it’s job.

Thanks guys appreciate the response. It confused me early on while trying to set the station up that it always had it listed a ways away. I agree won’t hurt anything for my ability to use! I was just thinking of other people that might want to use it here in town but shows me a long ways away.

Thanks for the ongoing help!

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