Rachio App for Android - Users Manual

Hi, I am new to Rachio and just installed my device last night. Is there a users manual available for this application? I am trying to figure out how to use all features. For instance,

  1. I have a Rainbird WR2 Rain and Freeze sensor and the app has on the main screen “No Rain Delay.” How does that option work with the WR2? How do I know if Rachio is seeing my rain sensor?

  2. Yesterday, I was exploring weather stations and selected “more info” for a PWS station to see the details on it. However, the app has selected it as my device’s weather station. There is no way to cancel or back out of reviewing the details of a station without it auto selecting it as my home station. Seems like there should be a save button on that screen. In that case the back arrow would cancel the selection. I also noticed that when I turn PWS off my original NOAA stations were no longer showing as options. I resolved it by turning PWS off and waiting until today. My NOAA stations were selectable again. Also, is there a way to select a PWS as my primary station and an NOAA as my backup, since the PWS is closest to my home?

  3. I tried to login to Rachio applet via the Web using my browser but it tells me invalid credentials. I installed the Rachio App on my ipad Air 2 and I get the same issue. It only seems to work on my Android device.

  4. Finally, I’m trying to determine how calibrate my water usage. I did the standard “see if sprinklers are running” test on each of my zones when setting up the device. I noticed that for those very short runs it shows that I used 30 gallons of water. How do I know if that value is correct?

Hi @garyjnj1-

The support site can be a great resource for any questions you may have about the app and your controller. As for your specific questions, I can answer those for you!

  1. Here is a link describing how to install the WR2 on your controller. Once it is properly installed, make sure to enable it in the app by going to “Device Settings” and turning the rain sensor on. When the sensor activates, you will get an event in your “Device Updates” section of the activity feed, and all scheduled waterings will be skipped until the sensor deactivates. You will still be able to manually run if you would like. If you would like to test your rain sensor, there are good instructions on how to do that here!

  2. I have also noticed that the app selects a station when you view more details. This is a design flaw, and we hope to improve this experience with our upcoming software update! I apologize for the inconvenience it may cause. As for the NOAA stations not showing correctly, I cannot say I have encountered that. Did you toggle PWS on and off again to see if they appeared then? As for selecting a backup station, we do not currently have that feature. However, if your selected weather station begins to fail, we do default to the nearest national weather station for data, so you should be good selecting the PWS that is closer to your home, as long as the data looks accurate to you!

  3. You should be able to use the same credentials for each platform (iOS, Android, Web.) Are you sure you are entering the correct username and password? If you would like me to look up your username or send you a password reset email, please let me know.

  4. We estimate your usage by using your zone size (in advanced settings) and your nozzle precipitation rate. If those are accurately set, your usage should be fairly accurate! If you need help determining nozzle type, there is a good article here describing the types, or I could help you determine those!

Let me know if that all makes sense, and if I can help with anything else!

McKynzee :rachio:

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I do wish there was a printable manual such that I can go through this away from the pc.

1)Tech support was able to help me with the WR2. I wish there was an initial ping or notification that the device connected
and was providing data to Rachio.

  1. Tech Support helped me resolve the credential issue. Thanks Edward.

  2. I did toggle the PWS off and back on but it still didn’t resolve until the next day.

  3. I was able to determine nozzle type. I have the Rainbird 5000 nozzles installed in 99% of the area which matches your 1"/hour flow rate.


I think that would be a really useful resource to have something tangible you can hold in your hands and use while navigating the app! Thank you for the feedback, I will make sure to get that to our team and see what we can do.

  1. I agree some feedback would be nice after connecting your rain sensor, there isn’t any good confirmation that things are connected right.

  2. Ed is great, I’m glad he was able to get that sorted out!

  3. That’s unusual- this occurred on the android app, correct? I will try to do some testing and see if we run into the same bug.

  4. Perfect! Keep in mind usage is determined by nozzle type (which you have figured out) and zone size, which lives in the advanced settings of your zones. If your usage still seems off, I would take a look at that setting!

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Hi Mckynzee,

  1. Yes on the Android app.

I noticed something strange yesterday too. I noticed that on the web applet, I am able to see PWS locations that are much closer to my home. The Android app doesn’t show the same PWS’s.

Using the Web app, the closest station to me was an NOAA station KSMQ(9.86 miles). As such I selected it. Last night, when using the web app I was able to locate MID_C0479 (2.34 mi) so I changed to this PWS. However, this PWS was not viewable or selectable on the Rachio Android app. In fact, the Rachio Android app is still showing as reading KSMQ at this very moment despite me selecting MID_C0479. The Web applet is correctly showing that MID_C0479 is selected. In general, most of the PWSs that are available on the Web Applet are not showing on the Android App. I don’t have my iPad handy at the moment so I can’t tell if this happens there as well.