Rachio app 1.8.0-69 crashes

i just bought my rachio. i installed it and am trying to connect it to my wifi. i go through the Blink process and the rachio wifi led blinks green. however, the rachio app stops (crashes). when i try to access the app again, it states i don’t have a rachio associated with my account. the rachio wifi led is blinking green.

so basically, step 4 didn’t complete because of the crash.

I’d delete and re-install the app.

Thanks @forza1976. @mikehorb If that doesn’t work, if you could send an email to support@rachio.com they can diagnose the problem and get you up and running. Thanks and have a great night.

it didn’t work. i did send an email to support.

@mikehorb Thanks, they will get you all set up. Have a great night!