Rachio and SmartThings

So I recently made the switch to SmartThings from Wink for no real good reason other than to try something new…

Anyway, Wink/Rachio was pretty much broke. I couldn’t control or do anything with Rachio within the Wink app, so it basically just showed that I had a sprinkler controller connected, but served no purpose…

I see with SmartThings, Rachio is saying that they are going thru the approval process, which I assume has something to do with the new SmartThings app since many products seem to be “missing” support right now…

Any ETA?

Hello Rachio team

Its the end of February, 2019. Do we have any updates on Samsung Smarrthings integration? The new Smartthings release is out with many companies listed and rachio is not there.



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Hey Scott! Thanks for checking back in :slight_smile:

It sounds like things were a tad busy over at Smartthings due to the release, but our team is currently working with them to get everything fixed and ready for you all. No set date yet, but we’ll keep you posted.