Rachio & Alexa

Now that I’ve spent numerous hours figuring out the difference between Alexa, Echo, and Dot, I purchased a Dot today. In your manual, it references Echo… may want to update that since Dot and Echo are two different devices that run Alexa the same.

Hey @Modawg2k-
This honestly still confuses me a little, LOL. Thanks for letting me know, I will make sure to update that ASAP
McKynzee :rachio:

It confused me forever too. Think of it this way, Alexa is the “artificial intelligence” like Siri. Echo, Dot, and Tap are just different devices that you can talk to Alexa on. So basically the Rachio support article should list those 3 devices…maybe double check it works on a Tap, but I’m sure it does since it uses Alexa also.


To add to the confusion, you can access Alexa from a FireTV as well :slight_smile:

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Oh snap…