Rachio - Adding a device that has already been added to another account

This maybe an obvious question, so I apologize for doing a limited search before posting this question and not reading the installation documentation.

I recently purchased rachio gen3 controller for my yard landscaping project. My landscaper went ahead and added the rachio device through his newly created rachio account so he could go ahead and start watering the sod. I have my own rachio account and want to add the controller into my account.

Will I be able to just add the controller into my account and then have my landscaper remove the device from his account. If not, what is the process when someone adds a rachio controller into one account but want to re-add into a different account?


Your landscaper can and should transfer ownership over to your account. He can do so using the “Shared Access” option within Rachio app where “Transfer Ownership” is one of the options. For this, your landscaper would only require the email address associated with your account.

After the transfer is complete, you can, in turn, share Complete or Limited access back with the landscaper which would allow him to interact with the system while allowing you to retain full control / ownership.



Thanks for the detailed explanation @Gene!

The pro can actually do this as part of the initial transfer. :wink:


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@bpeek-atlanta, sounds like your landscaper may benefit from rachio’s pro program (link)