Rachio add additional sensors to Hub

Hello I was curious if the hub would support external 5v moisture sensors? If I powered on my own, or used a buck converter and stepped down the 24v to 5v, could I plug in my own moisture meter into the rachio hub?

Based on this: https://support.rachio.com/hc/en-us/articles/115010379227-Toro-Soil-Sensor, it appears you provide 2 inputs in the hub?

If it could read this data, would the API expose it in any way?

Not sure what sensors you are looking at, but in the case of the Toro in the link you provided, I think they are just an “on/off” style sensor, like a rain sensor, so Rachio wouldn’t get actual data, just an “on” (soil is moist, watering hauleted) or “off” (soil dry, resume watering). To my knowledge there is no true moisture readings that come from these probes.