Rachio 3rd gen goes offline daily

My 3rd gen Rachio is brand new. Installed about a week ago and have connected to the wifi successfully. Unfortunately it only stays logged in for about 12 hours as it kicks offline every night forcing me to redo the wifi setup. I have it hooked up to a netgear wifi extender since the router is on the opposite end of the house. I have it hooked up to the Ring doorbell as well and have zero issues with that connection.

That is a very rare failure mode. Are you certain that a simple reboot (unplug AC power, wait a few seconds, plug it back in) does not let it reconnect (wait up to two minutes after plugging back in)?

If so, what do the light codes show after reboot?

If rebooting does re-establish connection, confirm that the problem is not caused by a channel change. In your main router, set the 2.4 GHz channel to one of 1, 6, or 11, selected for least interference from neighbors. Be sure it is not set to ‘automatic’.

If no luck, please post: Router make/model? Are 2.4 and 5 GHz using the same SSID (network name)? Extender model? Using the same SSIDs as the main router?

ill give that reboot a shot and see if it holds. like i said it usually stays online for about 12 hours so ill post an update tomorrow. thank you for the suggestions

so i tried the reboot and it didnt automatically establish the connection. i did run the wifi setup reset and it came online. unfortunately the problem persists. next step was the channel change which was in fact set to automatic. i set it at channel 1, 6 and 11 at different points over the past couple weeks and it improved slightly as it stays online for 2 or 3 days rather than going off nightly.

The router is an Arris NVG468MQ. The extender is a Netgear EX6100. Both frequencies on the router and the extender are using the same SDIDs.

Sorry about the delayed reply but I wanted to make sure that i tried everything before having to reach out again. Thank you so much for your assistance.

I think I’ve exhausted my patience with this system. I’ll be returning it and looking at other controllers to see if I have any success with them