Rachio 3 won’t switch zones!

I have connected the wires according to the instructions , however, I do not have smaller wires like most . Please help!

Had old

low-voltage system before

Do you happen to have a photo of your old controller? I see you have the Rachio power adapter corrected correct, providing 24 VAC input to the Rachio. What do you have connected to the 24 VAC output terminals?

Sorry, that did not help much. What are those wires from Romex connected to the Rachio? Which wires are for the valve(s)? If the wires for the valves are larger than the push-terminals on Rachio allows, I would use wire nuts to connect the large wires to small wires. Before you do that, I would double check the valves to make sure they work off of 24 VAC.

@Mbeitler1 - It appears the prior set up in an indexing valve set up. There are specific instructions/steps that need to be followed for Rachio to control and indexing valve setup. Ideally, one will replace the indexing valve setup with a gang of dedicate valves.

First off, the solenoid for the indexing valve needs to be connected to the C and MV terminals on the Rachio.

Next a well delay needs to be setup between each zone.

See ->


And as @Thomas_Lerman mentioned - make sure the solenoid is 24 VAC powered and not 120 VAC.

Is the water supply from a pump or a community water supply system.

That would be an indexing timer I believe. Guessing you have something similar to this? Everything @DLane posted would be what you need.


@Mbeitler1 - It looks like the output from the Intermatic is 24 VAC, so the solenoid powered by it should be compatible with Rachio. Follow the directions in the linked page and you should be fine.

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Yes, that is an indexing valve setup. Good call @DLane, I did not notice that. Since it appears to be 24 VAC system, the link that @DLane posted should help you out with the other comments posted.