Rachio 3 - wiring question on “line” wire

Hello all — just bought a Rachio 3 and we’re working on the installation. I’ve got a question I’m hoping someone can help me with. The issue I have is that the old box setup has two wires connected to a “line” port, and I’m not sure how those should connect to the Rachio. I thought they might go into the common port on the Rachio, but I already have a common wire and that would leave me with three common wires and only two ports on the Rachio.

Anyway, I tried to search for it on here and elsewhere, but came up empty. I’ve attached the photo here, I’m hoping it’s a quick and obvious solution. Any help is appreciated. Thanks! —Jason

I do believe that is the power line for the old controller and should not be needed what-so-ever with your new Rachio. Where does the other end of that cable go? Make sure it’s unplugged before you disconnect so you don’t shock yourself.


Seeing line input right into a controller from 1960s made me cautious that your valves may require line voltage as well (instead of a safer 24VAC). Found a photo of cover plate here (link), good news, your old system used 24VAC to drive the solenoids. @wafflesngravy is right, simply disconnect the line wires from your old controller and find where they were hooked up. Be careful as these wires will likely be of a high voltage with plenty of amperes to hurt or cause damage (or possibly a fire), do not leave them simply disconnected.



1960s? Wow, gotta give a thumbsup to the craftsmanship of those times if that thing has been working all this time!

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Gene, Nice job finding that panel photo!

Jason, as Both Waffles and Gene pointed out that is standard house current 120 VAC Line voltage to the controller.

Just a clarification the Imperial Timer is I believe from the 1970’s

Actually doing some Beta testing, and if its operable and you want to pass it along, I would like to include it.

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