Rachio 3 will not connect to Wifi I've tried everything

I’ve tried everything recommended on the forum and nothing works.

I’m getting the WHITE light blinking along with a quick green and orange light when I hold down the WIFI button.

Any ideas? I use iOS and tried using an older iPad and I still cannot get the Rachio to connect. It seems like it needs to update it’s firmware? (I’m on version iro3-firmware-hk-5-632).


Please try factory reset, using Option 2, but skip step 3 (don’t delete the controller from your account).

After the reset completes, does the controller show quadrant 2 blinking yellow (awaiting Wi-Fi)?

If not, please report the state of the lights.

If yes, attempt to set up Wi-Fi with the app, without touching any controller buttons. If it fails, report both what the app showed and the final state of the lights.

Also, please post:

Was this controller ever connected to Wi-Fi (by you)?

If so, do you have any idea why a simple reboot didn’t get it going again (new router, nearby lightning strike, etc.)?

If not, did you see the device broadcasting its Rachio-xxxxxx network name?

If not, how did you find out the firmware version?