Rachio 3 Voltage Outputs

I just bought a new Rachio 3 Sprinkler Controller. I am trying to measure the voltages it supplies to the solenoids. When a zone is turned on, I’m measuring about 32.9 Volts AC. However, all the zones that are turned off, including zones that were deactivated through the app, measure 30.3 Volts AC. I don’t understand how or why this should be.

Just for comparison, when I measured the voltages coming out of my old BlueBird controller, when a zone was turned on, I was measuring something around 28 Volts AC, but when a zone was turned off, the output was near zero.

Open circuit voltage is always higher then under load. All outputs are 24vAC

I’m not questioning why the voltage is around 33 Volts instead of 24 Volts under open circuit conditions. I’m questioning why I’m measuring over 30 Volts on the zones that are NOT in the on state. That’s not true for any other controller that I’ve ever heard of. They all measure no more than maybe 2 or 3 Volts even in the open circuit state.


Hit Quick Run for a zone and measure what happens. But strange indeed. 24vac toe says the valve would be open if connected