Rachio 3 - “Usage To Date” info incorrect

I installed and set up my 8 zone Rachio 3 yesterday, using a flex daily schedule. It ran for 201 minuets this morning (as scheduled), but the usage to date info is still zero. Is there a delay with the update of that data for some reason or is there a problem?

That looks like it could be a caching issue. I am seeing the correct data. Which client are you using? (iOS/Android/Web).

Thanks and have a great week!

Screenshot from 2018-05-10 07-26-57

@franz I’m using an iPhone 7. I didn’t realize I could log in via computer. I just did (on a Windows platform) and the usage is correct there. Is there perhaps an issue with the Apple iOS? If so have you seen this before and is there a possible solution?

@franz OK, I just force-closed the Rachio app and restarted it. That fixed the issue. It matches the actual runtime from the website now.

I’ll have the team review. Next time if you “pull” to refresh the dashboard it should fix any state or caching issues.


@franz I refreshed several times but it didn’t update until I force-closed and restarted the app.

Ok thanks for the additional information.


@franz Here’s one other thing. While looking at this I noticed that the May usage (actual and scheduled) doesn’t match the daily usage numbers. Because I’ve only used the controller for one watering cycle it’s easy to see the 12 minute difference. Not sure if I’d have noticed after several watering cycles. Anyway, the Monthly Usage shows 3 hrs 11 min of scheduled time, while the daily usage shows 3 hrs 23 min of time. The only operation of the system today has been from the scheduled run this morning, so I would think the daily use should match the scheduled use thus far. Correct?

Thanks, the first issue is resolved, it was caching in our app. This will be released today or tomorrow. Team is reviewing usage data discrepancy.


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