Rachio 3 shows 0% moisture for some zones (wrongly)

After starting up this season two out of four zones show 0% moisture, whereas the details screen show the correct moisture value. Also one zone does not keep the watering summary on the zone overview screen, where it acts normally and the details screen shows that watering has taken place.
What can be the reason or how can this be adjusted?

Could not find any post with this behavior so i think something might be wrong in my setup.
The Rachio has functioned up till now fully satisfactory for already two seasons.

Regards, Geert

I’m having the same problem. My zone #1 shows 0% on the main screen, but 85% in the details page.

The zone 1 is actually at 0% right now. The graph is showing the simulation that it will be 85% after watering tonight at 8:25pm since the schedule starts after sunset.

Go Colorado!

Have a great weekend.


Hey @franz

I see, since there was .26" of Precipitation and .24" of ET, understood! Hope you have a great rest of your weekend too!