Rachio 3 setup only with 1 Rain Bird DAS-075

Hi all,
I only have 1 valve/zone, a Rain Bird DAS-075 3/4" and I got the 8 zone Rachio3 so I can automate the usage with my phone. There is a black and red cord coming from the valve that the manual says can be interchanged. I put the black into the common on the Rachio and the red into zone 1, but nothing happens when the Rachio runs a test. Should I put the red cord into the master valve instead? Thanks in advance for any help.

Manual for the DAS-075 is https://www.rainbird.com/sites/default/files/media/documents/2018-02/man_ASVF.pdf

It does not matter which wire is where. One wire should be to the zone terminal and the other wire to common. A master valve is a valve that turns on the water for the zones, etc. I presume that the old controller turned on/off the zone, correct? As far as you can tell, the Rachio is saying the zone is turning on. Do you happen to have a multimeter?

I do not have a multimeter. The valve was previously hooked up to a RainBird ESP-9V battery powered controller.

I tried switching the cords between C and Z1 and it turned on the valve, but didn’t turn it off. This made me think the valve was DC power but after checking, it’s not.

Rainbird ESP-9V manual: https://www.rainbird.com/sites/default/files/media/documents/2018-02/man_ESP-9V.pdf

Does the valve only use 9VDC? If so, that might be a problem.

I don’t think it’s DC, the manual says it’s AC.

The controller manual indicates in the Troubleshooting section:

Must use a 9V-latching solenoid (Rain Bird K80920) or other compatible DC latching solenoid.

The valve manual indicates also in the Troubleshooting section:

If fuse is OK. either use volt/ohm meter to check the controller output (24VAC)

Well, I am confused with what seems to be two different outputs unless I am reading it wrong.

@Scott05 - the Rain Bird controller has 2 - 9V batteries. It will be putting out DC voltage.

The Rachio behavior of turning on a valve but not turning it off is classic when Rachio is dealing with DC latching solenoids. Replace the solenoid with a 24 VAC solenoid and it should work.