Rachio 3 Power Cycle


@timber - Mine power cycled 7 times in under 2 hours last night. It has power cycled multiple times a day ever since I installed it.


@pablomich Would you mind providing a little information about your system?

How many zones do you have wired up?
How many commons are you using?
Do you have any accessories (rain, flow, etc)?
Is your Rachio plugged into a socket that’s connected to a switch?
What kind of wifi network are you on?

Can you also make sure that your power supply is well connected to the device?


I installed my new v3 on Tuesday. It power cycled itself 2x the first night, none since. It’s a 16 zone controller, I have nine zones wired. All zones are working. 1 common. It is on a wall plug that is not connect to a switch.


11 Zones
2 commons
No accessories
No, the plug has continuous power
2.4 ghz (goes offline quite a bit despite strong signal, not sure if that’s power related)

I will double check but I have unplugged and plugged back in a few times so should be secure.


Add me to the list. My controller has powered Cycled 3 times in short order both yesterday (12:32pm, 1:11pm, 1:32pm) and today ( (1:52pm, 1:55pm, 2:38pm)

16 Zone Controller

  • 14 Zones Connected (all working)
  • 2 Common Wires
  • No accessories connected
  • No, the plug has continuous power
  • 2.4 GHz (goes offline quite a bit it seems, haven’t been able to track down the root of this yet)



Thank you for reporting. We are working on a way to capture more data to better understand the issue.


Gen 3 history: Power Cycle - Rachio has turned off and back on

Same issue here. Gen 3.

  • 8 zones
  • 1 common wire
  • 1 Rainbird WR2 rain sensor
  • 5 ghz Wi-Fi
  • continuous power


Add me to the list. Upgraded from rachio 2.
8 zones
1 common wire
1 Rainbird WR2 rain :umbrella: sensor
2 & 5 ghz wifi


Add me to the list. My controller has powered cycled several days (May 10, 11, 12, 19, Today, 7:10am, 7:34am, 7:37am, 1:37pm), please don’t blame router, no issues with Gen2…

16 Zone Controller

1 Zones Connected (working)
1 Common Wires
No accessories connected
No, the plug has continuous power
2.4 GHz


Any further info?? I’m guessing my N66R router is not supported with Gen 3?? Still power cycling and currently offline.



Our hardware team is actively reviewing data findings with new firmware and test configurations. Will let you know as soon as we know more.



My Rachio generation 3 has yet to work on its own. Yesterday it showed “Power Cycle” at 2:52am, 2:53am, and 5:29am. I have excellent wifi signal and speed. Looks like there is an issue that others are experiencing also.


@davewilkinson We will be sending out new firmware that should hopefully resolve some of these issues. The new firmware will be out by end of tomorrow. If you are still experiencing let me know and we can look further.



Just noticed another power cycle this morning at 9:06am PDT and a new firmware version 5.504 under technical info. Is this the new firmware to fix the power cycle issue? Please advise.



That is the latest R3 firmware, please let us know if you continue to see power cycle (hardware reboot) issues.



Had the reboot with new firmware also. First reboot I’ve had since install. So this is norm if new version is pushed to reboot after update?


Yes, any new firmware will cause a “reboot”. It’s not actually a power cycle, but a hardware reboot.



Please thank the team for working on the issue. Mine actually has been ok for the last week except for 4 power cycles on Monday from 7am to 3pm. Hope this new firmware resolves the issue. Will keep an eye on it.


Ok thanks.


Any way to tell the date/time when a device was updating to a new firmware? Saw power cycles at 3:31 and 3:33 pm CST yesterday and am on 5-504.

Also, in past, when these power cycles occurs, seems they consistently happens only a few mins apart.