Rachio 3 - one of the connections not working

Installed a brand new model 3 couple weeks ago. All stations were working fine.
Since last week #2 connection stopped responding. Restarted the system still no change. Solenoids is good. System shows sprinklers were running but In reality nothing was happening.

I removed the wire from #2 connection and plugged it in to open port #11 and the sprinklers worked fine.

Plugged it back to #2 connection and it doesn’t work.

Is the unit defective? Or the port #2 is shot?

Has anyone faced this issue?

Please let me know otherwise, I will have to return this unit and all my efforts will go to waste in the set up. Does the settings get saved where I can download on the new controller?


This sounds like a problem I have been having for a year now. It seems random. A few weeks of non response and then it works again