Rachio 3 not working

First time poster. Replacing a weathertec sl1600 and i believe i wired everthing properly, but my system isnt acting properly.

One zone is constantly on and many of the other zones just dont work at all. Any thoughts on the red/black/silver wires? I placed the red/black in the 24vac spots and the silver in the C.

I was able to connect to my wireless network sucessfully.

Thanks in advance.

The Red/blk/silver connection you have there is for the wired weather station. You will not use those on the Rachio Unit.

From there, make sure your common goes to common and 1 wire to each of the station wires. Since you don’t have a master valve, skip the first terminal marked “M”.


@Drew - post pictures of Rachio wiring so the community can confirm the wiring. In addition to what @spscoutenPhD mentioned, the green wire from the top photo would be in a C terminal.


Thank you for the responses. I have removed the red/black/silver wires. The green wire was placed in the C terminal. (Pictures below)

The system will only run if I place the silver wire in the C terminal as well. I was only able to look for a moment, but I believe that the one zone that wouldn’t turn off is acting properly now. I have not tested all other zones. Will do this evening.

Thank you.

Do you have a picture of the device that the red/blk/silver wire was connected to? It usually goes to the Weathermatic onsite weather station but it is sounding like someone may have hooked it to a makeshift rain sensor of some sort.

The weather station should not have any use nor function with the Rachio unit.

It looks very similar to the picture below and I think all the zones are working with the silver wire plugged in a C terminal.

Ok. That is the original Weathermatic wired weather station. It is just hard to fathom how its grounding wire can attribute to your system runnng or not. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: