Rachio 3 not turning on sprinklers though it shows "OK" in the app


Need your help in troubleshooting and fixing my Racio 3. It had worked all fine last year, but when I turned it ON after winter season in Michigan, none of the sprinklers or zone is working. The app shows controller is connected and even shows the zones are running but actually nothing happens in the yard.

I have firmware version: iro3-firmware-hk-5-632

Appreciate your help.

First off, the most obvious, was the water supply turned back on this season? I know it sounds silly, but there has been more than one person trying to trouble shoot that found their water supply off…

If water is on, it’s either the wiring or the valves. If ALL the valves aren’t working, then it could be an issue with the common wire (usually white), or if you have a master valve in the system, the diagram in the valve could have failed, or the solenoid could have failed.

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Thanks to Rachio support, I was able to identify that one of my valve was not fully open. Now that I have turned it on, everything is working fine.

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